In today’s world, conferencing and collaboration services are more important than ever. They can also be complicated. Whether you’re facing questions regarding internal use of conferencing within your organization, or you are a service provider delivering conferencing solutions to customers, challenges exist. CollaborationPlan can make sense of these issues and help you to lower costs, increase productivity, manage vendors, negotiate contracts and develop go-to-market strategies for any conferencing situation, strategy or environment. Let us work with you to develop, implement and maintain a world class CollaborationPlan today.


  • ENTERPRISE: CollaborationPlan can help your organization significantly reduce costs, manage use, select services, increase productivity and manage service vendors & contracts. Learn more here

  • SERVICE PROVIDER: CollaborationPlan has the knowledge and expertise to construct powerful go-to-market strategies for conferencing services. Whether you are an established conferencing service provider or are just entering the market, we can help you develop a service delivery model designed to deliver maximum results. Learn more here

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Companies seeking a competitive edge in today’s market need to understand and apply the concept of ROC, or “Return on Collaboration”. ROC measures the benefit organizations realize by providing employees and staff with the tools they need to collaborate effectively and efficiently.

Deploying conferencing and collaboration tools inherently achieves a worthwhile ROC by reducing travel costs and lost productivity. However, most organizations lack continuity in their use of these services and fall well short of achieving maximum ROC by making regional or departmental service selections and suffering from cumbersome provisioning, scheduling and usage processes that undermine the benefits of collaboration use.

ROC reaches its full potential via a cohesive collaboration strategy that leverages thoughtful service selection, consistent cost structure and easy-to-use meeting and scheduling tools. At CollaborationPlan, our main objective is helping clients develop collaboration strategies designed specifically to maximize ROC and transform conferencing and collaboration use into a powerful engine driving productivity and profitability within your organization.